Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Autumn Dryness

In Chinese medicine, all the elements, when strong enough, and if the body is weak enough, can cause disease. The elements of particular concern in the Fall are cold and dryness. One way to protect against the dryness is to eat foods that moisten the body and generate fluids. Aside from keeping properly hydrated, pears and pear juice, particularly Asian pears are effective in doing this. These can also be helpful for patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy anytime of the year to combat the harsh drying effects these treatments have on the body.

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Michael Padilla, L.Ac.

Monday, November 15, 2010


This is the first post for the Orange County Acupuncture Specialist in Orange, CA. So far the clinic really has been a success in terms of being a resource for the community, in the form of effective acupuncture treatments. I have seen patients from the nearby neighborhood, teachers from King Elementary School, and from Orange County Aikikai an associate non profit organization of the clinic. I have treated low back pain, neck pain, allergies, headaches, cold symptoms, digestive complaints, insomnia, and more! Patients get regular affordable treatment, and maintain the results, which means less illness, less medication, and more of everything else. Thank you to everyone for your support, and here's to the future of the Orange County Acupuncture Specialist Clinic.