Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 ways Acupuncture can treat Migraine Headaches

Migraine headaches can be both painful and debilitating, making it difficult to carry on the normal activities of our day. Our work, families, and other responsibilities can suffer, often for months on end with little relief coming from typical pain relievers and pharmaceuticals. Here are 5 reasons Acupuncture is an effective means of treating and curing migraines.

1. Acupuncture manages inflammation: The pain that comes from migraines is often from inflammation, which is our bodies natural way of dealing with injuries or dysfunction in our bodies. Inflammation is your body's way of saying, "Don't do that." So that we can stop whatever harmful activity we are doing and allow our body to heal. Acupuncture triggers the release of internal anti-inflammatory chemicals that do not have the side effects of traditional anti inflammatory medications.

2. Acupuncture promotes increased blood circulation: Acupuncture regulates a process called vasodialation. This means that if your blood vessels are constricted due to stress or tight muscles, your blood vessels relax, and more blood is allowed to travel to tissues. Caffeine has similar effect, which is why it is included in over the counter migraine medications.

3. Acupuncture relaxes your muscles: Acupuncture triggers your nervous system to relax your muscles. Often times migraines are triggered by tight muscles in the head and neck. By relaxing these muscles the irritation and inflammation stop and normal function can return.

4. Acupuncture regulates hormones: Often times in women, changes in blood flow and blood vessels are brought on by imbalances in hormones. By balancing the hormones Acupuncture can prevent the recurrence of migraines.

5. Acupuncture releases natural pain killers: Acupuncture promotes the release of opiates and endorphins in the body that relieve pain and reduce sensitivity to light and sound.

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